Earlier this year, Bloom was blessed to win the opportunity to have a personalized video done by Hybrid Video Group's Give-Back to the Community Campaign to help tell our story...this work is so beautiful there are no words to truly express the level of appreciation and gratitude!! It came just in time for Bloom's 1st Birthday ~ Thank you again Sheena and Mike, you are AMAZING!!!!              Check it out below!

Also, check out Bloom Achievement Center on Fox 13 WHAT'S RIGHT WITH TAMPA BAY !!

Learn educational techniques & strategies for daily application in all subjects and grades...

Bloom Achievement Center facilitates the learning process in all subject areas K-12th Grade; including Math, Language Arts, Writing & Reading, Study, & Executive Functioning Skills.

By simply following the child, we blend pedagogies, or theories of teaching, & methodologies, the differnet ways teaching is facilitated, to meet each child's specific learning style & needs. One-on-One support provides the student opportunities to learn through a Gradual Release Process that ensures mastery of skills.

What our families are saying...

"Kelly Paxton is an amazing tutor and educator. She worked with my son for over four years. My son made many gains in both his reading and math skills. Kelly brings so much exp​erience to the table, she was able to get him to do more in an hour than his school could get him to do in  a week. 

Christie Kruger, Mother

"If you're looking for an amazing educator and someone who genuinely cares about your child, you found it! Ms. Kelly has tutored my granddaughter for 4 years. She makes learning fun and builds confidence. 

 My granddaughter looks forward to meeting with her and she has been 

instrumental in her success." 

Desiree Fernandez, grandmother